About Us

The fun of playing, this is the main focus of our offer. Where other providers of games and apps charge a lot of money for stakes, we have a different motivation here. The customer is in the center of our offer, he should have fun with our games and apps, without taking any expensive obligations and risks. We as a company therefore stand exclusively for social gaming. Although our motivation is not to generate as much turnover as possible with a customer, we also have high expectations. This applies especially to the offer for our customers. So we attach great importance to quality here. In our games and apps, this applies to resolution, entertainment value and, of course, fun. To guarantee this high quality for our customers, we have a dynamic team. This team is characterized daily by a high level of expertise and creativity when it comes to maintaining the games and apps. But also when it comes to the development of new games. After all, as a company we want to offer our customers new games and apps time and again.